Joe McKnight

We’re real suspicious about this, but everybody’s talking about it, so try to stick with us. Running back and return man Joe McKnight was released by the New York Jets at some point.

Who cares when? They’re the Jets. So, nobody is the correct answer.

Today, some dude who has a Twitter account and says he’s Joe McKnight tweeted this.

Several media outlets including Pro Football Talk and TMJ4 in Milwaukee ran with that because, you know, you don’t have to verify shit with sources anymore. That nonsense just takes too long. Just sit on Twitter all day and you’ll get all kinds of scoops! That’s how a real reporter does it!

So what’s the problem here?

Most NFL players have their accounts verified by Twitter, i.e. Twitter makes sure it’s the real guy behind the account and not some dude in his mom’s basement.

That McKnight account above is not verified.

This one, however, is. It’s also got a buttload more followers, although it hasn’t been used in over a year.

So my guess is all these clowns have been had by some other clown sitting in his mom’s basement.

What would McKnight even bring to the Packers if they were to sign him, you’re probably wondering. Well, one thing.

He’s a pretty good kick returner. He averaged 27.5 last season and 31.6 the year before. That’s a role that no one really grabbed onto during the preseason.

Still, that’s really all McKnight offers. He’s only returned seven career punts and has never rushed for more than 200 yards in a season.

And the Packers would, what? Drop Alex Green or — it’s even been suggested by some people — fourth-round pick Johnathan Franklin for this guy?

What the fuck are you smoking?

You don’t give up on a fourth-round pick after one training camp.

Anyway, what are we even talking about this for? Until the Packers confirm something, there really is no point. We suspect that day isn’t going to come.

And that, my friends, is the most accurate report you’re going to read on Joe McKnight and the Green Bay Packers.