Jermichael Finley

When he isn’t throwing wild haymakers at other guy’s helmets, Jermichael Finley has been kicking ass, apparently.

Aaron Rodgers, who Finley claimed to have no chemistry with last season, says his tight end is dominating.

“He’s been running his routes really well,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “Something clicked last year midseason … and it’s carried over this spring.

“He’s got himself in unbelievable shape, and he’s come in and been dominating out there. I’m really proud of him and the steps he’s made.”

Coaches are saying Finley has also made progress as a run blocker, an area where he was awful last season.

That sounds about right, considering this is a contract year for Finley. You know guys always come to play when their futures are uncertain.

Finley is clearly taking things seriously for the first time in his career. He hasn’t been running his mouth like in past years. Instead, he speaks to the media in only sound bite form.

If he can stay healthy, Finley just might make himself the focal point of the passing game again and get that pay day he’s looking for.