Greg Jennings

Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Jennings uttered what anyone with a brain would construe as negative comments about former teammate Aaron Rodgers last week. That led to Vikings coach Leslie Frazier telling Jennings to can it.

Yesterday, Jennings had a media session and was asked about those comments and what transpired after he shat them out of his mouth. That led Jennings to issue a half-hearted apology to Rodgers.

“I was on the field. I was wondering where everybody was coming up with that. I was on the field and [Frazier] ran over to me and asked me what I said. That was really the gist of it. He said, `Keep it about our guys.’ Literally, that was it. I don’t really recall saying anything negative about Aaron or anyone over there, but, hey, I apologize.”

Real solid, dude. Did he call Rodgers to apologize? Not a chance.

“No. For what? I’m apologizing right now. If it got to him with [the media] right now, I feel if I apologize right here, he’ll hear that, too. Will you make sure he hears that?”

Jennings then went on the claim what he said — that Rodgers thought he was bigger than the team — was all in fun. How can a comment like that be uttered in fun? It was a clear dig.

Hahaha… he thinks I’m bigger than the team, that my ego is out of control… that’s so funny!

Class act, that Greg Jennings.