Packers running back DuJuan Harris

Jimmy’s got a compound fracture! The Green Bay Packers annual parade of guys to injured reserve begins this year with running back DuJuan Harris.

Harris injured his knee during Friday’s game with Seattle, which was also his first game of the season. After the game Harris said the injury wouldn’t be an issue, but that was obviously a faulty assessment. After hearing what the Packers medical staff had to say, Harris got a second opinion.

The Packers announced they were putting Harris on injured reserve today, which means he’s gone for the season.

Although coach Mike McCarthy proclaimed Harris his starter earlier in the preseason, that role was eventually going to be filled by second-round pick Eddie Lacy. Now, there’s really no question who the top dog is.

Harris’ injury also has other ramifications. The Packers were going to be hard-pressed to keep both Alex Green and James Starks in addition to Lacy, Harris and fourth-round pick Johnathan Franklin.

Now, one of those guys probably gets the roster spot vacated by Harris. Our guess is it’s Alex Green since Starks didn’t even get a carry on Friday.