Clay Matthews celebrates Packers win over Vikings

When the Green Bay Packers axed Charles Woodson and then gave a big-money extension to Clay Matthews this offseason, they made the statement that they expected Matthews to take over leadership of the defense.

That wasn’t lost on Clay Matthews and he says you’re going to see a change with him in charge.

“I think we had come at a crossroads in this team as far as the leadership and where we want to go, personally for myself and this defense, revamping that defense,” Matthews told Storm. “I believe it’s the natural progression of myself and what I want to be and the legacy I want to leave. Ultimately, we’ll see where it goes, but you’re going to get a definite change of this defense with me in charge.”

What that means exactly is anyone’s guess, but we’d expect a more vocal Matthews.

Although Matthews has been a great player, he hasn’t been outspoken on the field or in the locker room. That’s the role Woodson filled and the Packers created a void when they released him.

Does Matthews have the qualities to fill that void? He seems to think so, and that’s a good start.