Green Bay Packers shareholder ticket 2013

You’ll probably remember when I was bitching about the Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting tickets the other day. Well, obviously I’m not going, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go.

The meeting is July 24 at 11 a.m. I’ve got four tickets.

Why the hell do I have four tickets, you might ask? Because I have two shares of stock, which means I own a bigger percentage of the Packers than most people.

Actually, it just means that I bought a share of stock and my dad also bought me one at the same time as a Christmas gift. And, you know, you can’t return this shit like you can normal Christmas gifts, so I’m stuck with two shares.

Each shareholder gets two tickets to the meeting, hence, my four tickets.

I don’t really expect this to be a hot item, but it’s a long summer and maybe some of you out there want to do something Packers related. Or maybe you just want an excuse to skip out of work. Or maybe you want to pretend you’re a shareholder and, as such, way cooler than your non-shareholder friends.

All of those are perfectly valid reasons for wanting to take these tickets off my hands.

So I’ll tell ya what — two people can have a pair of tickets to the Packers shareholders meeting courtesy of this website.

All you have to do is tell us why you deserve them. Or even why you would want them. And then we’ll decide who had the best answers and throw a pair of tickets in the mail to those people.

And if you’re a woman, feel free to email us sexy photos of yourself in your Packers gear. You’ll probably shoot right to the top of the list. And if you’re a guy, don’t be dissuaded by that statement because, well, there are only five women that read this site right now.

Put it in the comments (or send me an email).