Ted Thompson

The Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting is always filled with guys patting each other on the back. This year’s meeting, which was yesterday, was no different and Ted Thompson led the charge.

Thompson professed his undying love to coach Mike McCarthy during his time at the podium.

“He’s not only a good coach but an excellent motivator and excellent leader,” Thompson said during his 10-minute report to shareholders on the football operations. “In January 2006, we were looking for the right man to lead this football team. … I thank God every day that he’s the Green Bay Packers’ head coach.”

Awwwww… isn’t that sweet.

I thank God for breasts. I don’t think I’ve ever thanked him for Mike McCarthy.

Not be outdone, Packers president Mark Murphy took some of his time at the podium to stroke Thompson’s ego.

“I could not be more pleased with the job Ted is doing,” Murphy said, “and I hope you all feel the same way.”

It wasn’t all rosy, though. Thompson actually admitted the organization wasn’t satisfied with last season.

After calling it a “good season,” Thompson paused for a few seconds and added: “But we’re never quite satisfied. We have very high standards here with the Green Bay Packers, we understand that (and) we understand it was a disappointment in the end.”

Damn skippy.

This all begs the question, though. Are you happy with the job these guys are doing?