Minnesota Vikings fans

Is there any bigger group of shitbags than Minnesota Vikings fans? Nope.

They’re literally the worst. Not only are they ignorant, inbred, Hormel Chili-slurping fucks, but they only support their team when it’s convenient. It wasn’t long ago that the Vikings had trouble selling out a playoff game.

We understand that most of you assholes can’t afford tickets. It’s tough living on a McDonalds salary, but sell a kidney or something.

Anyway, now the Vikings have a new strategy to sell tickets — it’s to make Green Bay Packers fans buy them.

If you happen to be one of the many people that buys tickets for the Packers/Vikings game in Minnesota, you’re going to get the added bonus of another game this season.

The Minnesota Vikings start selling single-game tickets next week for all but one game. If you buy tickets to the Packers game on October 27, they’re also going to force you to buy tickets to the Vikings/Browns game on September 22.

While that’s total bullshit, in a certain sense, I’m in favor of it. Go buy these tickets and then immediately deposit the Browns tickets in the garbage can.

Then when the Metrodome is half empty for the Browns game, the rest of country will see what a fucking joke the Vikings are.