Minnesota Vikings fan

The Minnesota Vikings are a laughingstock. They’re a joke. They’re a… model franchise?

Yeah, that’s what Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan says. Granted, they were being compared to the Minnesota Twins, Wild, Timberwolves and Golden Gophers. The only one of those teams to even approach mediocrity are the Wild, who were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by the Blackhawks.

That’s kind of like comparing a bag of airplane peanuts, five stale Cheetos, a mini box of Corn Flakes, half a beer with your cousin’s backwash in it and a turd.

“Oh, I guess I’ll take the bag of airplane peanuts because at least it’s not opened yet and the Corn Flakes don’t come with milk or a bowl.”

So yeah. Those airplane peanuts are looking mighty attractive right now. Here’s Souhan’s reasoning for putting the Vikings atop his list of pathetic.

Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman have turned an organization that for decades seemed intent on embarrassing itself into a model for how pro sports franchises should operate. The Wilfs have matured into patient owners who will spend what it takes to win.

The Vikings’ stars are remarkably likable and accessible, and the team will, in a few years, begin playing in an architectural marvel that should transform lower downtown. Adrian Peterson is the foremost symbol of this franchise, a stunning athlete who is loved by his teammates and goes out of his way to do good deeds.

Last year, Frazier oversaw an improvement of seven games in the standings while navigating a difficult division. There’s no guarantee his 2013 team, with questions remaining at quarterback and on defense, will win 10 games again, but he and Spielman appear to be building a sustainable program.

Did you notice what he left out? He should of put in something like this at the end.

“Please don’t pay any attention that the Vikings have the biggest bunch of ignorant, shitfuck fans on the face of the earth.”

Must have forgotten that line.

Also, let’s point out the fact that the Vikings have had 40 arrests since 2000. In comparison, the Detroit Lions, who have been making a strong run at that record in recent years, only have 17.