Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun

Monday was a sad day in Wisconsin. Even though we pretty much all knew it was coming, MLB finally suspended Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun, AKA the Hebrew Hammer, for violating the league’s drug policy.

The suspension of the team’s best player for allegedly using PEDs goes nicely with the turd of the season the Brewers are in the midst of. Out of it by the end of May. Check. Best player and face of the franchise becomes a national embarrassment. Check. Training camp can’t get here fast enough. Check.

During Braun’s last brush with the baseball police — one in which he avoided suspension based on a mishandled urine sample and all the while adamantly defended his innocence — Green Bay Packers quarterback and Braun’s business partner in two Milwaukee restaurants, Aaron Rodgers, also adamantly defended Braun.

Because that’s what you do for your boys.

Rodgers probably regrets being so vocal after what happened yesterday. Not only did Rodgers tell the media he stood by Braun at the time of the original fiasco, he also said I told you so after Braun was cleared. Oh, and then he defended Braun with this boneheaded tweet.

Rodgers, of course, hasn’t said anything about Braun since the suspension — 65 games, the remainder of the season — came down yesterday.

And what can he say?

Only what all the rest of us can say. We were taken because we wanted to believe that Ryan Braun was telling the truth. And now we’re the assholes.