Greg Jennings

It doesn’t look like Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Jennings will be running his stupid mouth anymore. Jennings has been taking shots at the Green Bay Packers and specifically at Aaron Rodgers all offseason.

The receiver has been butt hurt because the Packers didn’t want to pay him as much as the Vikings and because he didn’t get the ball enough in Green Bay.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier talked to Jennings about his flapping lips over the weekend and also addressed it with the media.

“That’s not something that we’re high on,” Frazier said, reiterating what he earlier told KFAN-100.3, “and he and I are going to talk before we practice [Saturday afternoon]. I’ve got to grab him. That’s not how we do things. We’ll talk. We’re going to talk about it. He has strong feelings regarding his former team, and that’s good. But there is a way to get that communicated, and we’ve got to sit down and he and I have got to talk a little bit.”

So is that the end of it?

Probably. Since training camp started last week, Jennings has less time to do all the look-at-me interviews he’s been giving. The message from Frazier appears to indicate the coach has grown tired of Jennings being a distraction, as well.

Good thing he’s the Vikings’ problem now.