Eddie Lacy

There have been questions about Eddie Lacy’s dedication to football. Now there are probably more. This is Eddie Lacy at Green Bay Packers training camp. Big, fat, round Eddie Lacy.

Is it possible that’s just a bad camera angle? Or maybe the photo was somehow distorted in editing? Or maybe Lacy has just been sitting around and eating for the last month?

Lacy was in shape during OTAs and minicamp, but those activities were held just after the draft, so he didn’t have time to become out of shape. There’s a month between minicamp and the start of training camp. That’s plenty of time to get fat if you’re really trying.

We haven’t exactly heard much about Lacy since training camp opened, either. We’ve heard how good Johnathan Franklin looked on Sunday. We heard Alex Green and James Starks alternated the first two days of camp with the No. 1 offense.

We’ve not heard peep about Lacy. Maybe that’s because he’s off doing conditioning drills.

The Packers aren’t in the habit of publicly saying who showed up to camp out of shape, so we’re leaving it to you. Get down there and tell us — is Lacy doing his best Charles Barkley impersonation?

(Via KSK)