B.J. Coleman

Graham Harrell hasn’t inspired a lot of confidence as the Green Bay Packers No. 2 quarterback. Now the team is going to do something about it. Kind of. They’re giving B.J. Coleman a real shot to unseat Harrell.

Quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo says the team will split the reps behind Aaron Rodgers equally between Harrell and Coleman.

“Well, we’re going to even out the reps between Graham and B.J. and let them compete,” said McAdoo. “It’ll be interesting to see how B.J. develops with reps.”

Coleman was a seventh-round pick in 2012. He spent all of last season the Packers practice squad after not really showing much during training camp. He should be improved and have a better command of the offense in his second year in the system, though.

Coleman has a big arm and can make all the throws, but the knock on him is he’s erratic like another certain former Packers quarterback. Harrell is pretty much the opposite. He’s not going to impress anyone with his arm.

Does that give Coleman the advantage? Only if he doesn’t turn the ball over.

The Packers obviously see something in him or they would have drafted a clear-cut No. 2. They could have had Matt Barkley in the third round if they wanted him.

All that being said, the Packers aren’t writing off Harrell just yet.

“I think Graham can go in and win a game for us. There is a savviness about him where to go with the football. Fundamentally, he’s improved tremendously the last couple years.”

This will be an interesting battle to watch in training camp. But as always, we’ll be hoping neither of these guys gets into a regular season game.