Mike McCarthy

Remember when the city of Green Bay was saying they were going to name a street after Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy? That came after the Packers won Super Bowl XLV.

Well, De Pere might beat them to it. And for those of you not from Wisconsin — De Pere sits on the south side of Green Bay.

The De Pere City Council is set to consider a measure that would make their portion of Ashland Avenue — the street also runs through Green Bay and neighboring Ashwaubenon — Mike McCarthy Avenue.

Both the Ashwaubenon and Green Bay City Councils will consider the same measure later in the month. Wouldn’t that be weird if one of the councils voted against the change? Like if Mike McCarthy Avenue turned into Ashland Avenue and then back into Mike McCarthy Avenue?

Actually, now that we think of it — that would be pretty awesome. A great reflection of McCarthy’s coaching style — incomplete.

Anyway, it looks like this is going to happen. Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt suggested there could be a dedication in August at the intersection of Lombardi Ave. and the new Mike McCarthy Ave.

The real question is, what took so long? I mean, Schmitt was pushing for this two years ago.

According to the Press Gazette, nonsense.

A previous attempt to name a Green Bay Street after McCarthy stalled after businesses raised concerns about the cost of changing addresses on items including stationery and websites, and alderman couldn’t agree on which street to rename.

Changing addresses on websites, huh? That should have taken all of five minutes.

Something tells me those tech-savvy businesses are going to reach great heights.

Here’s the other question. Why do Lombardi and Holmgren only get their last names on their streets, but McCarthy gets his whole name?

Schmitt says so there’s no confusion. That’s a decent argument. The city put Donald Driver’s and Bart Starr’s full names on their streets. We suppose those street names might not be fully appreciated if they only had the last names.

And everyone knows the name Lombardi. But didn’t Mike Holmgren, AKA The Walrus, kind of get the shaft with just Holmgren Way?

Lastly, here’s a map of Ashland where it intersects Lombardi if you like to play around with that sort of thing.