Brett Favre

The Green Bay Packers are planning to retire Brett Favre’s number at some point and as I’m sure you can imagine, not everyone is happy about that.

Resident shit-stirrer E. Wolf, who wrote that awesome diatribe about the Fail Mary and Seahawks fans, is one of those people. And he’s trying to do something about it.

He created this petition — Prevent Any Reconciliation Between the Packers and Brett Favre. Here are some of the choice passages from it.

This is a petition to marshal organized opposition against any proposed reconciliation between the Packers organization and Brett Favre (hereinafter referred to simply as “the ex-Packer”). For the past several years, Murphy has repeatedly suggested that this is something that needs to happen. And with the recent interview in which the ex-Packer admitted fault as to what happened, while refusing to apologize for playing for the Vikings and also putting blame “all around,” pundits are now suggesting that a retirement ceremony could happen this year. Most recently Murphy has explicitly stated his intention to retire the ex-Packers number by 2016. We, the undersigned, stand vehemently against either retiring his number or admitting him into the Packers Ring of Honor. We seek to dissuade Murphy and the Packers organization from any such course of action.

Of course, the ex-Packer, consumed by his personal vendetta, engineered his way out of his contract with the Jets, all so he could play for the Vikings and exact some measure of revenge against Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and, most crucially, by extension our Green Bay Packers. By playing for our most hated rival, doing everything in his power to give the Vikings their first Lombardi Trophy, and by doing everything in his power to sabotage the McCarthy-Rodgers era, he thus FOREVER betrayed the Pack! It is for this reason that he must never be forgiven.

Detractors will point out what “he did for Green Bay.” It is precisely because of his importance in Packers history that make such crimes so heinous, and so completely beyond even the suggestion of forgiveness or reconciliation. Never in the history of the League had a figure who came to personify a franchise  ever played for a hated rival for the express purpose of foiling his prior team in such a manner. Of course, detractors overstate the importance of Number Four in the renaissance of the Packers, downplaying the role of Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf, Reggie White, and above all Mike Holmgren, without whom the quarterback may have never risen out of obscurity in the first place.

For this, he must NEVER be forgiven. Indeed, these considerations only demonstrate that this man is not worthy of reconciliation. Not at this time, and the organizer of this petition would suggest not in his lifetime. Reserve any number retirement Ring of Honor ceremonies on a posthumous basis only.

There’s more, of course. Much more.

And guess what. You can sign it if you like. Go here to read it and then do what you will.