Aaron Rodgers at the club

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was in Hollywood last night doing what everyone does when they’re in Hollywood — getting lit.

Rodgers hit up Bootsy Bellows on the Sunset Strip, according to TMZ. Of course, some idiot was there to ask Rodgers some stupid questions.

Rodgers did not say a word on the way in (at least that we could hear). However, when he came out and got hit with another dumb question he asked the dude when he was going to get a real job.

He also looked slightly buzzed. And then he jumped into a waiting SUV and drove off into the night.

I love how Rodgers rolls into the club with his stupid RVCA t-shirt on and that same hat he always wears. He must not own any other clothes.

Frankly, if he wasn’t Aaron Rodgers, we doubt they would have let him in dressed like that.