Aaron Rodgers at the Wisconsin Sports Awards

You know how we love it when people rank shit. Well, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski is one of the people known for doing this. He annually ranks all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. At the top of his list is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers got the nod over Peyton Manning and we can already hear all the Pey Pey fans whining. Kind of like all the stupid chowderheads cried when Tom Brady came in third.

“But Tom Brady is faaaackin’ awesome, bro! Aaron Rodgers couldn’t carry Tom Brady’s faaaackin’ jock!”

You know, because they know more about quarterback play than a former NFL quarterback who sits in a damn film room all offseason. Anyway, here’s what Jaws had to say about numero uno.

Rodgers is the most physically-gifted quarterback in the NFL. He’s got arm strength, a great release, accuracy, movement, toughness — he’s the total package. No quarterback is better avoiding, escaping, moving, then delivering the football with velocity and accuracy. And he had to do that a lot behind a less-than-stellar line in 2012. His arm is cannon-strong, but his release is lightning quick. No seconds are wasted in a wind-up. When you combine those tools with his ability to process matchups and make the right throw, well, you have the best QB in the National Football League.

Though he’s not a runner, he’s quick enough to capitalize when opportunities present themselves. He may not be as fleet of foot as some of today’s QBs, but he’ll make defenses pay if they fall asleep on him.

Not much else to say here. Jaws obviously got it right.