A.J. Hawk

New Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Jennings was running his stupid mouth about how great his new team is earlier this week. Well, A.J. Hawk is real happy for you, Greg.

And by the way, I can’t wait until you come across the middle.

“Of course.  I can’t wait for Greg to come across the middle,” said Hawk in an exclusive interview with TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jessie Garcia.

“Greg knows I’ve joked around with him about it. It’s going to be fun. I finally get to tackle Greg. I (got) to mess with him in practice and punch at him and jab at him at different times, and now we actually get to hit him. Greg’s a physical guy, so I think he’s going to try to bring it to me as well.”

When asked about Jennings’ comments earlier this week — the ones where he said the Packers weren’t hungry last year and the Vikings are hungry — Hawk dismissed them.

“I did not hear his comments, but if that’s how he feels, I’m glad he feels positive about where he’s at,” Hawk told Jessie.

Can anyone else not wait until someone on the Packers lays Jennings out? Unfortunately, it probably won’t be Hawk. I can’t remember the last time he laid anyone out.