Christian Ponder

Some people in the Minnesota Vikings organization are still trying to delude themselves into thinking Christian Ponder is a good quarterback. He’s been named the starter by coach Leslie Frazier, for example.

But what about that Matt Cassel signing? When he was brought in, some suggested he would compete with Ponder. That notion was quickly dismissed so Ponder’s fragile ego wouldn’t be hurt.

Now it’s popping up again.

This comes from Adam Schefter.

The Queens have their minicamp this week, so they’re getting a good look at both Ponder and Cassel. And let’s face it, both of these guys suck. Cassel threw six touchdowns and 12 picks in nine games last season. Ponder was the only quarterback to start all 16 games and throw for less than 3,000 yards.

So now the question is, which guy sucks less? Our bet is on Cassel. Why even float the notion that he could be the starter if Ponder had such a firm grip on the job?