Clay Matthews' sack dance

Yeah, we know he’s dreamy, but stop following Clay Matthews home, please.

We understand. You’re taken by the flowing locks and rippling muscles. Stalking is not a good look for you, though.

Matthews told USA Today he’s worried about his privacy because fans have a little too much access to him.

“Three people have followed me home,” he said, referring to overzealous fans who sought autographs or other attention.

“It’s scary. You have to heed all of that.”

So, seriously, stop following people home after work. If you did the same thing to your insurance agent, that would be weird. And creepy.

This is also weird and creepy.

This came out as Matthews was talking about locker room cameras. The NFL is letting teams put cameras in the locker rooms to gather video footage (no audio) to broadcast in the stadiums during games. The cameras are optional, but Matthews doesn’t like the idea.

“I’m not a fan of that, and I’m not afraid to say that,” the Green Bay Packers star linebacker said. “The availability of the athletes is already so great to fans, the organization and the media, but now to add the locker room — our one sanctuary, which is even taken over by the media — and now you throw in cameras?

“You think ‘cameras in the locker room’ and what does that conjure up images of? It’s a privacy issue. I know they’re trying to give the fans more of an experience, but what more can you do? We do interviews on the sideline, there’s social media. You can’t leave the parking lot without people swarming your cars. I’m not a fan of it.”

Ah, buck up, big boy. By my count, you’ve got 66 million reasons to allow a little extra access. Give me that money and I’ll perform a little dog and pony show for everyone on the stadium big board.

We’re happy to help you draw the line at stalking though. Stop being weirdos, people!

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