Packers Family Night tickets

Because again, of course. Those people that lined up on Monday for tickets to the Green Bay Packers Family Night scrimmage — some of them are reselling their tickets.

And they’re not reselling them for the $10 they paid. They’re reselling them for a lot more. Check out StubHub. The tickets are available for, at the low end, $18. What’s the high end, you ask? You can get a 50-yard line seat in the second row for $179.

For a scrimmage…

So, all of you high and mighty asshats who suggested I was less than a real fan because I may have insinuated that Family Night is bullshit, what do you have to say now?

That person reselling his 50-yard line tickets for $179, is he a real fan? Must be a better fan than I am because he went and got Family Night tickets. Probably was out there waiting in line at 5 a.m. Probably was displaying his real fandom by doing so. Probably just had a family commitment come up in the past two days so he couldn’t make the scrimmage and thought it best to resell his tickets to another real fan… at 18 times what they actually cost.

So, come on. Let me have it for not being excited about Family Night. Tell me again how I’m not a real fan. And when you do, send me your receipt for those 50-yard line tickets.