Colin Kaepernick

Do you believe this happy horse shit? Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers has admitted that his team did not practice against the read option leading up to their playoff debacle against the San Francisco 49ers.

Tyler Dunne has unearthed these nuggets.

A lack of preparation backfired last season at Candlestick Park. Two players said the Packers practiced next to no read-option during the week leading up to the loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers says Green Bay did touch on it but admitted the 49ers ran more of it than they expected.

Ran more of it than they expected? If they didn’t practice it, then that means they expected the 49ers to run no read option. And yet, that’s one of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick‘s strengths.

How could the Packers coaching staff make such an idiotic blunder? How could they think the read option wouldn’t be part of the game plan?

Buffoonery, I tell you!

A lot of people were calling for Capers’ head after the loss and, in light of this admission — this egregious error, a firing would have seemed more than justified.

So rather than be proactive, the Packers have been reactive and have spent much of their offseason studying the read option. The coaching staff has studied the offense with the Texas A&M staff. Capers has also spent time with Wisconsin Badgers defensive coordinator Dave Aranda to dissect the offense.

Capers says the Packers will have it figured out next time.

“We’re going to do more,” Capers said. “We’re going to do more than we have because we know the first two teams we play (San Francisco and Washington) run it. There will be a number of teams that have a little element of it in. How much it takes off, I don’t know. It’s like everything else. Things go in cycles. Over 28 years, I’ve seen a lot of cycles in the league.”

You totally missed the beginning of this one though, huh Dom?