Chris Canty

Remember when the Green Bay Packers kicked the tires on free agent defensive lineman Chris Canty and then didn’t offer him a deal? He went and signed with the Baltimore Ravens, where they’re saying he’s been “dominant” so far this offseason.

Late last week, the Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson provided this account.

With his towering height and impressive wingspan, defensive lineman Chris Canty is one of the most imposing players on the Ravens roster.

Canty had a dominant minicamp, disrupting passing lanes and shoving offensive linemen into the backfield.

Yeah, we know. They’re playing in shorts and the regular season is a long way away. Still, when is the last time a Packers defensive lineman was described as dominant?

The Packers reportedly passed on Canty because their crack medical staff didn’t like the condition of his knee, even though three other teams passed him in a physical. The knee clearly hasn’t been a problem in Baltimore.

“The knee is not a problem at all,” Canty said as the Ravens wrapped up their mandatory minicamp. “The knee is fine. I feel great.”

Should the Packers have signed this guy? Couldn’t have hurt.

The Ravens are paying him just $8 million over three years and only $2.8 million of that deal is guaranteed. That’s the right price range.

Of course, the Packers went out and drafted Datone Jones, who’s expected to start at defensive end. That should improve the defensive line somewhat, but the rest of the improvement will have to come from within, as usual.