Johnathan Franklin is Really Serious About Being Mayor

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Johnathan Franklin for mayor

Johnathan Franklin for mayor

Green Bay Packers rookie running back Johnathan Franklin first said he wanted to be mayor of Los Angeles. Then he said he wanted to be mayor of Green Bay.

And now he has a sign saying the latter.

Franklin tweeted that photo last week.

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6 Comments on "Johnathan Franklin is Really Serious About Being Mayor"

  1. hegonesnowflake

    Can Franklin be both Mayor and 3rd down back? Not sure what the Mayor of Green Bay’s job description is, but the Mayor of L.A. had a full dance card.

  2. tedtomato

    Im sure he’d be better than little jim least franklin would be somewhat of a celebrity..unlike some little midget that thinks he’s a celebrity.

  3. I would not trust a Johnathon who inserts the unnecessary ‘h’ in his name. You don’t get the elongated version of the name and an h. Lame.

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