Brett Favre

What has Brett Favre gotten himself involved in now? He’s hawking some pain cream that sounds awfully shady. Oh, and he’s also gone and invested in the company.

During an interview on SiriusXM earlier this month, Favre went on an unprompted rant about the cream, which is called Rx Pro.

“I can speak volumes on pain and narcotics use,” Favre told SiriusXM hosts Jim Miller and Bruce Murray, noting that he was once addicted to painkillers. Rx Pro, he said, “is a safe way to treat some of your ailments. It even works with cramps, stomach pain…It’s just endless what will happen with this product and this company.”

So what’s the shady part? The president of the company the makes Rx Pro says he thought the product was FDA-approved. Meanwhile, Don Walker reports that the FDA has given no such approval for Rx Pro, which is available only by prescription.

Also, the president of the company declined to tell Walker the ingredients of the cream. And it gets better.

Byron Barrett, the president of the sports medicine unit of World Health Industries — the company that makes Rx Pro, said Joseph Story, who was instrumental in the creation of the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine with renowned surgeon James Andrews but is no longer involved with the institute, was a partner with his brother at World Health Industries. Byron Barrett also said that some doctors at the Andrews Institute also were involved with Rx Pro, but didn’t say in what way.

Ashley Chisholm, marketing director for Andrews Institute,  said she was not aware of any connection between the Andrews Institute and Rx Pro. As for Andrews, Chisholm said he had no relationship with the company and wasn’t an investor. While Andrews knew Story in the past, the two currently have no business relationship, she said.

This seems like it’s going to go reeeeeeeeal well.

Does this seem like some sort of Bus Cook scheme to anyone else? It probably is, considering Favre’s agent also invested in the company.