I went on a rant earlier because, well, a rant was necessary. In the process, I called out certain people — some of those people likely don’t read this site anymore. And guess what. Feelings. Not. Hurt.

In said post, I put my cell phone number, asking anyone who wanted to criticize or question my commitment to call me directly. I honestly didn’t think anyone would utilize that option because, well, people who like to point fingers on the Internet usually lack something tangible.

That something is called a pair of balls.

Jason Wilde, who writes for ESPN Wisconsin, does not fall into that category. I know this because he called me shortly after I posted that rant.

In it, I pointed out the fact that every time I link to any of his stuff, someone always leaves a comment asking why I didn’t credit Jason Wilde specifically. What I wrote probably insinuated that I thought Jason was making these comments himself.

Well, Jason picked up the phone and called me. No, he hadn’t read the post, but of course a bunch of people emailed, tweeted or otherwise sent it to him.

I’d say he was livid, but I really don’t know him well enough to make that determination.

I do know this, however. Some of you people, not Jason Wilde, are the Internet Police.

“Hey, Jason, this know-nothing SOB is bad mouthing you, you better respond!”

That literally happened. Do you know how I know? Because Jason wasn’t paying attention.

Unfortunately, Jason was dealing with some shit at the time and the last thing he wanted to do was respond. Did you think of that when you sent him that post? Did you think that, hey, maybe this guy has a family and doesn’t want to deal with some petty Internet bullshit? Probably not, but listen, Jason did respond.

He had the impression that his good name was being tarnished and like any real man would do, he called me right up.

I have much respect for the fact that he picked up the phone. Not exactly an easy thing to do — calling some random person and questioning them. And of course, we talked.

He explained that he wasn’t the person making those comments about his work I described. I explained that it happened too often to be coincidence. Then I explained that I didn’t necessarily think it was him.

I mean, let’s be honest. Am I running over to a competitor’s blog to make disparaging comments? No. I barely have enough time to keep up with what’s going on and then writing something about it.

But clearly someone was doing that. I used to think it was at his behest, but that opinion has changed.

After talking to Jason, I firmly believe he isn’t that guy leaving those comments (if that was unclear before).

I also know that it takes a pair of brass balls to dial up someone’s number and confront them about such things, even when they put that number in a blog post and invite people to call them.

For that, I afford a great deal of respect. For the way he handled himself in that conversation, I afford a great deal more.

The criticism of the people who want to question our fandom and the jerkoffs who want to question how we do business doesn’t go away. Those people can still suck my ass. But, we went out of our way to praise Wilde’s work in the first post, so let’s be clear that he’s also a stand-up guy.

I believe in the fact that when he told me he was being honest, that he was being honest.

In some sense, I feel like it’s unfortunate that I have to spell that out. But then again, two of you got offended that I dared use the word “broad” in a headline. And then you went and tried to take away my livelihood because, like, how could I!?!?

The audacity!

But us and Wilde? All good. I will personally vouch for that dude right now.

I wonder if those of you who carry that Internet Police badge will bother to send this to him.