Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

On Friday we told you about the latest Brett Favre PR salvo. He’s proud of Aaron Rodgers, thinks Aaron Rodgers will break most of his records, blah, blah, blah.

Does Brett Favre believe any of this? We highly doubt it. In our minds, it’s just the latest transparent attempt by Favre at getting back in the Green Bay Packers‘ (and fans’) good graces.

Why don’t we think he believes it? Because the thought is preposterous if you actually take a look at the numbers.

Let’s look at the big categories.

Passing yards
Favre: 71,838
Rodgers: 21,661
Difference: 50,177

Favre: 508
Rodgers: 171
Difference: 337

Favre: 186
Rodgers: 52
Difference: 134

Rodgers will be 30 this season. Let’s be somewhat realistic and say he plays until he’s 38. That gives Rodgers nine more seasons to pile up stats.

That means he’ll need to average the following over those nine seasons to catch Favre.

Passing yards: 5,575.2
Touchdowns: 37.4
Wins: 14.9

So, passing yards and wins are clearly out of the question. The one category where Rodgers maybe has a shot is in touchdowns. He threw for 39 last season and 45 the year before.

Still, averaging more than 37 touchdowns for NINE more seasons seems like a pie in the sky goal.

Also, consider Rodgers is under contract for only seven more seasons. There’s a good chance he’ll hang it up when his current mega-deal runs out. That makes surpassing Favre’s records an almost certain impossibility.

The one place Rodgers can and hopefully will surpass Favre is in Super Bowl wins. He only needs one more of those, after all.

What’s the point to all this nonsense?

Well, it tells us one of two things. Favre is either, A. stupid, or B. a phony.

Which one do you think it is?