Chris Ault

Chris Ault, who is credited with inventing the pistol or read-option offense, recently took a job as a consultant with the Kansas City Chiefs. His agent, Bob LaMonte, said the Green Bay Packers were also interested in Ault’s services.

How interested is anyone’s guess, but the Packers were torched by that very offense in their playoff loss to San Francisco last season. The primary torcher — quarterback Colin Kaepernick — played for Ault when he was the coach at Nevada. Maybe the Packers wanted to bring Ault in to show them how to stop the pistol. Maybe they wanted to incorporate some elements into their own offense. Maybe both.

What we do know is Ault doesn’t have a clearly defined role in Kansas City. We also know the Chiefs gave him a better offer than anyone else.

“He had other teams interested in having him come in, but not to the degree that Kansas City stepped forward,” LaMonte said. “It’s a good job, and he’s excited for it. He went with the team that gave him the best opportunity to be a consultant.”

Earlier this offseason, the Packers sent their coaches to Texas A&M to learn the nuances of the read option under Kevin Sumlin. Clearly, they’re interested in doing something about the NFL’s latest fad.