Brian Urlacher

Yesterday, Sports Pickle published a story that Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher retired as a member of the Green Bay Packers because he wanted to “go out a winner.” Sports network NESN reported on that story today.

See the problem here? Sports Pickle is a satire site. NESN is a sports network staffed by idiots.

Here’s the money quote in the Sports Pickle story, which has an obvious Photoshop job of Urlacher wearing a Packers shirt.

“I know this may rub some people in the Bears organization the wrong way. And some Bears fans, too, probably,” said Urlacher. “But it’s my right to end my career the way I want to end it, and doing it as a member of the Green Bay Packers — unquestionably the best franchise in the NFC North throughout my career and, really, all of NFC North history — brings me great joy. Not being a member of the Bears on this day is the highlight of my career.”

Deadspin has the video of NESN running this as truth. Watch the crawler on the bottom of the screen and you’ll see this.

Brian Urlacher signs one day contract with Packers, then retires to “go out a winner.”

Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

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