J.C. Tretter

The Green Bay Packers started OTAs yesterday and you know when the Packers are doing anything football related, someone’s getting injured. The first victim of the 2013 season is fourth-round pick J.C. Tretter.

Tretter broke his ankle in a fumble recovery drill, according to Jason Wilde. He’ll miss six months.

That will put Tretter back on the field in November, which means he won’t be competing for that open starting spot at right tackle. That’s the position the Packers had Tretter working at this week. So, they were giving him a shot (along with 18 other guys) to replace Bryan Bulaga, who is now the team’s starting left tackle.

Effectively, this means Tretter’s rookie season will be a waste. You can’t really learn the system if you miss training camp. Not a lot of reps go to backups during the regular season.

So Tretter will probably end up going on injured reserve, which means he’ll miss the entire season.

The Packers haven’t even put on the pads yet, so this is a great start to their 2013 injury campaign and their quest to put more guys on injured reserve than any team ever.