Charles Woodson

When Charles Woodson was released by the Green Bay Packers he said he wanted to finish his career with a contender. That was in February.

It’s now May and Woodson not only doesn’t have a team, but he’s only had one visit — with the San Francisco 49ers, who signed some scab from the Rams and then drafted Eric Reid in the first round.

So Woodson’s changing his tune about playing for a contender.

“When this process first started out, that was my thing, I needed to go to a contender,” Woodson said Thursday on NFL Network.  “I know I am towards the end of my career.  At this point, I want to play football.  So if it is a rebuilding stage, at this point if that is the circumstances I have to play under, then that is what I am going to do.”

The problem here is money. Certainly there has to be some team in the NFL that can use a Charles Woodson.

Woodson was supposed to make $10 million this season in Green Bay. Clearly, he’s not getting that money anywhere. Our guess is he’s asking for around $5 million per season and finding no team willing to pay even that much — at least no contenders.

The wait may go on for a few more months. Either a team will lose a guy to injury and be forced to come into Woodson’s salary neighborhood or Woodson will swallow his pride and play for cheap.

We’re betting that number is somewhere around $2 million per season.