Charles Woodson

After pretty much sitting around with his thumb firmly lodged in his ass since the Green Bay Packers released him in February, Charles Woodson may finally be getting a new team.

Woodson has received an offer from the Oakland Raiders, the team that drafted him, according to his agent. He’s also reportedly visiting the Denver Broncos today.

The Broncos could probably use a guy who plays safety and doesn’t get desperation heaves thrown over his head in playoff games. And the Raiders, well, they could anyone with a warm body. The Carolina Panthers may also be interested.

However, if the Broncos make an offer, you can bet Woodson will jump at that. Of the three teams, Denver is the only one who can be considered a contender and that’s the kind of team Woodson said he wanted to play for.

That is, at least until no one offered him a deal for over three months.

If there’s no Denver offer, the Raiders make a lot of sense. There’s the Reggie McKenzie connection and Woodson owns a vineyard not too far from Oakland. There are probably worse places to finish your career. Like, say, Minnesota.