Al Harris

Al Harris, for all intents and purposes, was already retired. He took a gig as the Chiefs assistant secondary coach in January and didn’t play in 2012. However, the Green Bay Packers have announced that Harris will formally retire as a Packer.

There haven’t been any details on when this will happen or what will happen, but Ahman Green did something similar a couple years ago.

Harris last played for Green Bay in 2009. He was on the roster — the physically unable to perform list — in 2010. When he came off, the Packers released him, but they still gave him a Super Bowl ring. Harris played seven seasons for the Packers. He intercepted 31 passes with the club after spending his first five NFL seasons in Philadelphia.

Harris made the Pro Bowl twice — 2007 and 2008.

He also authored one of the greatest playoff moments in Packers history. We’re sure you’ve seen this before, but it really never gets old. “We want the ball and we’re going to score!”

Oh yeah, Matt Hasselbeck? Not if Al Fucking Harris has anything to say about it.

That was the longest interception return to win an overtime playoff game in NFL history, by the way.

Al Harris will always be a Packer. So if he wants to formally retire as a Packer, be our guest.

He’s earned it.

On a side note, I love how Larry McCarren is such a homer on the call of that pick. Doesn’t say anything or give any analysis, just yells out, “Yeeeeeessssssss!”