The Green Bay Packers are running a contest where they let fans submit photos and then they’re going to pick one to be on an actual game ticket.

So, yeah, you can submit a photo of yourself in your Packers gear and not get chosen, or… you can submit a completely idiotic photo and then they’ll give you a shot of what that photo might look like on a ticket. Of course, we chose the latter option.

For example, here’s a ticket where the Packers are squaring off against the Cobra Kai. Who wants to bet they’ll get their leg swept?


Then here’s the one Kozak sent in of KGB giving a certain Chicago Bears quarterback the wrong end of the business.


So what do got?

Send in your ticket image. We’ll post the best and then let you vote and give the winner some sort of Packers swag.

Go here and then send us what you get.

Here’s Dusty’s more than appropriate entry.

Packers ticket

From Ryan…