Daunte Culpepper

You remember The Love Boat, don’t you? It was the scumbag Minnesota Vikings at their scummiest, which also probably makes it one of the greatest moments in Minnesota Vikings history.

It went something like this…

Oh, wait. Wrong Love Boat.

Replace Captain Stubing with Vikings legend Daunte Culpepper and Isaac the bartender with all-around turd Bryant McKinnie, throw in some hookers, sex toys, booze, Fred Smoot and… swab the decks, matey!

Well, rejoice. That very boat, formerly known as the Minnetonka Queen, is back in action in Iowa of all places, as Scandalous. If you make your way down to the Iowa Great Lakes area, you can even take a dinner and drinks cruise aboard it.

Although the thought of eating dinner in a place where Bryant McKinnie¬†once ate out a whore is disgusting to me, it’s probably a dream honeymoon for Vikings fans.

Just head on over to Parks Marina the next time you’re in Okoboji.

(via Deadspin)