Eddie Lacy

Or should we say the Pittsburgh Steelers would not touch Eddie Lacy because he had toe surgery? That was the word out of Pittsburgh on Sunday about the Green Bay Packers second-round pick.

The Steelers obviously wanted a running back and they ended up choosing Michigan State’s Le’Veon Bell, while Lacy eventually became the fourth back selected. Why not Lacy in Pittsburgh?

One reason the Steelers passed on Eddie Lacy is a toe injury the Alabama halfback has had. One team source said the Steelers would not touch Lacy because his big toe had been fused.

What in holy hell does that mean?

Well, toe fusion surgery is something people with arthritis usually have. It means the cartilage in the joint is worn out and the joint has become stiff and inflexible. The surgery is also considered a last resort.

After surgery, the joint remains inflexible, but the pain is gone.

Red flag? Red flag.

I guess if Lacy can run without pain, who cares how flexible his big toe joint is.

Certainly, the Packers ultraconservative medical staff must have looked into this before they drafted Lacy. Right?

These are the guys who shooed free agent Chris Canty away because of some phantom injury earlier this offseason. Then he went to Baltimore and their medical staff thought he was just fine.

Of course, this is also the medical staff that misdiagnosed Greg Jennings‘ injury last season and missed Nick Perry‘s thumb injury. You know, the one that ended his season.

That Johnathan Franklin pick is starting to look like insurance.