M.D. Jennings' interception

The NFL announced its preseason schedule today and so we know who the Green Bay Packers are playing and, to a certain extent, when.

Get excited! Preseason football! Woooo!

Hey, it’s better than no football. Here are the dates and opponents.

Week 1: Arizona Cardinals, Aug. 8-12

Week 2: at St. Louis Rams, Aug. 15-19

Week 3: Seattle Seahawks, Aug. 23, 7 p.m. Central

Week 4: at Kansas City Chiefs, Aug. 29-30

“What the hell are these date ranges?” you’re surely asking yourself. Well, the league hasn’t actually gone ahead and scheduled any of these games with the exception of those that will be nationally televised. So, you see right there in week three of the preseason the Packers get the national game with Seattle. That will allow the NFL to subject us to endless replays of the worst call in sports history.

Hmmm… maybe they’ll call it an interception this time, you can mumble to yourself.

If there’s anything else interesting about this schedule, it’s that the Packers play the Chiefs again. Does that sound familiar?

It should. The Packers have closed their preseason slate with Kansas City four years in a row. It will also allow John Dorsey to get a good look at all the guys the Packers are going to cut, so he can sign them the next day.