Mike McCarthy proposal

No, this isn’t one of our usual Mike McCarthy is a buffoon rants. This is about the Green Bay Packers coach helping some guy propose to his old lady.

Milwaukee residents Abigail Kobriger and Tim Schlosser were in Florida last week, when who did they see? Mike McCarthy.

After getting some photos with the coach, Tim asked McCarthy take a photo for him. Then…

“I asked him, ‘Can you take a picture of us?’” he remembers. “And she’s like ‘What?’”

As the Packers coach was about to take the picture, Schlosser made his move.

“Coach hang on, I’ve got one thing to do,” he said. “I pull out the ring and get down on one knee.”

From the photos, you can see the shocked look on her face. Schlosser said Coach McCarthy had a slightly different reaction.

“In his unique voice, he said ‘This is cool, this is really cool,’” Schlosser remembered.

As Champ Kind would say, “Whammy!”

Here’s the story from TMJ4.