The Minnesota Vikings will look extra fearful in their purple duds this year because, well, they have some new extra-fearful purple uniforms.

Although they’re not supposed to be unveiled until draft night, Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas has confirmed that these will be the Vikings’ new duds.

new Minnesota Vikings uniform

Are you frightened? Are you scared?

Oh my, the Minnesota Vikings! If one of these guys were positioned behind the back end of a sheep, this photo might look right.

From what we can see, the helmets are more of a matte purple. Matte… appropriate for the Vikings, don’t you think?

And there have been some adjustments to the jerseys — the collar, the arms and the side panels.

This surely signals a new era for the Vikings. One where they’ll average six wins a year and their fans will raise the bar even further on douchebaggery.

Consider us impressed.