Jermichael Finley gets his groove back

What’s been going on with Jermichael Finley lately? We know you ask yourself that question on a semi-regular basis, so we’re here to tell you. The Green Bay Packers tight end is going to be getting his own documentary.

Finley was on KFAN in Minneapolis Wednesday morning with his agent Blake Baratz, talking about all kinds of stupid stuff. One of those stupid things, Baratz revealed, is a new documentary starring none other than Big Fin.

“They’re going to put on an 18-minute series on Jermichael and his life,” Baratz said. “It’s not scripted, it’s not planned. Everybody is going to see what he’s like – good, bad and indifferent. … That’s what the fans want to see. They don’t want to see the scripted press conferences.”


Actually, here’s where this gets interesting. This “documentary” is being produced by FullCircle Intermedia, a company chaired by James Brown.

No, not “It’s a Man’s World” James Brown, the other one. CBS Sports James Brown. The company’s goal is to let athletes tell their own story and define their own image. Here’s what their site has to say.

We are innovators, creators, collaborators and storytellers. A necessity to the age of the celebrity. A digital arm to a career spent shimmering under the blinding lights of scrutiny, specializing in helping professional athletes and entertainers to establish, develop and commercialize enduring digital brands for themselves as they move toward tomorrow.

Too often celebrities, athletes and entertainers are defined by outsiders, strangers and naysayers clamoring at the first opportunity to tear down an icon. Yet, far too often the outside world is in the dark when it comes to the truth of who you really are. It’s time you take back your story… It’s time you control your legacy… it’s time you define yourself.

So, in other words, Finley is paying these guys to do a documentary about him. What kind of person would do that, you ask?

Well, a person with a shitty public image. Someone who feels the need to show a different side than the persona portrayed by (or that they portray in) the media. A person like Jermichael Finley.

Interestingly, if Finley really cared so much about his public image, there’s probably a way he could improve it without having to pay someone to film a complimentary documentary about him. He could have shitcanned Baratz after he called out Aaron Rodgers for his lack of leadership during the season.

But he didn’t and Baratz refused to make nice with Rodgers on Wednesday.

“(But) really to Jermichael because he got dragged into something he had nothing to do with,” Baratz said. “That’s what I was apologetic about, not necessarily what I said. … Everyone just attached it to him because he’s said so many comments regarding Aaron Rodgers.”

Seems like exactly the kind of advisor a guy like Finley needs, doesn’t it?