Courtney Finley

Don’t be a deadbeat dad. That’s probably the lesson here, among other things. So, here we’ve got¬†Chelsie Bellisle, who’s apparently the mother of one of Jermichael Finley’s kids. She’s not his wife. That would be Courtney Finley, who she addresses in several of the tweets you’re about to read.

What was our favorite Green Bay Packers tight end doing last night? A little boozing, a little philandering and a little acting like a dumbass, at least if you believe all of this.

It will surely make you love Jermichael even more than you already do. He better get to work on that documentary. And also, he better get to some groveling.

You get all that? It’s a good bet there’s going to be more tweets like these in case you want to keep following along.

All I have to say is…



(Via TBL)