Don Barclay

Several members of the Green Bay Packers reported to 1265 on Monday for the start of voluntary offseason workouts. While this event wasn’t all that noteworthy in and of itself, we did find this nugget interesting. Second-year offensive lineman Don Barclay was apparently the fattest man to show up.

However, we also learned that fellow second-year lineman Greg Van Roten is closing the gap. And according to quarterback Aaron Rodgers, fullback John Kuhn came in a solid third.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any shirtless photos of these guys to verify this information and we would have loved to. Because who doesn’t like to look at shirtless photos of fat guys?

Like this guy. You’ve surely seen this photo 100 times, but just look at that devil-and-cold-may-care, fun-loving big lug.

Packers fan


Of course, every idiot Chicago Bears fan pretends all Packers fans look like this and we don’t want to perpetuate that myth. So, here’s something else.