We’re gonna go with no. He looks kind of a like a pedophile and, surprise! That’s what he is! However, he’s apparently been rolling around and telling people he’s a former player and scout for the Green Bay Packers.

He was spotted in Ontario on Wednesday and that’s probably a good thing. On April 1,¬†Britton D. Mckenzie, who lives in the Sun Prairie area, cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and hightailed it for the border.

Wednesday, Chatham-Kent police said he was spotted in Chatham posing as a former NFL player and scout for the Green Bay Packers while getting an oil change.

One of the employees became suspicious of the man and researched him at home. The employee learned the man was Mckenzie, a wanted sex offender from Wisconsin.

Yup. This guy has a history of exposing himself to little girls.

Eight-year-olds, Dude.

The funny part is, he has a personalized Packers license plate that reads Pack26. He was last seen driving a red Jeep.

Who wants to bet it has some rust discoloration?