Desmond Bishop

No one on the field or coaching staff seemed to notice, but observers like us certainly did — the Green Bay Packers lacked a certain passion in 2012. Someone else who was watching the Packers all last season noticed too — linebacker Desmond Bishop, who missed the season with a torn hamstring.

Bishop thinks his time off, which allowed him to watch other teams, gave him some perspective on what ailed the Packers.

“Hopefully I can be infectious to the other guys with a sense of urgency and passion that you have to have in order to win,” Bishop said. “I think that’s the biggest thing our defense lacked last year was that mindset. That’s what I want to bring this year for the team.

“I have a renewed sense of respect and urgency about the game. Looking at the guys, especially on defense, I can’t wait to get back and plant the seed that had been growing inside me from watching without being able to play.”

The good news is Bishop is back at full strength and should be ready to go when offseason workouts begin. In addition to bringing some much-needed passion to the Packers defense, Bishop will also bring some playmaking skills.

He had 115 tackles and five sacks in 2011 and he played in only 13 games that season.

If he can stay healthy for a a full season, Bishop should be in line for a Pro Bowl berth.