Clayface Matthews

Over there at KSK, Dave Rappoccio is whipping up cartoons of NFL players as superheroes and today we got the first member of the Green Bay Packers — Clay Matthews as Clayface.

The other players in this series and their superhero personas are way more obvious. For example, Marshawn Lynch as Beast Mode = Beast from X-Men; DeMarcus Ware as DeMarcus Ware Machine = War Machine from Iron Man; and Ed Reed as Dredd Reed = Judge Dredd.

Who the hell is Clayface?

I didn’t know until today. He’s a Batman villain and not really a good Batman villain like Joker, Bane, Red Hood or probably even Killer Croc. But hey, he is a Batman villain, so that already makes him better than, say, an Aquaman villain.

Clayface has, as you probably guessed, a clay-like body and the ability to shift shapes. There have been eight incarnations of the character, so we’re not even going to get into the backstory.