Clay Matthews

You were probably wondering how the Green Bay Packers were going to manage Clay Matthews‘ contract extension. Now we know. They’re pushing the larger payments into the future.

The cap hits for Matthews’ deal are as follows.

2013: $6.71 million
2014: $11.0 million
2015: $12.7 million
2016: $13.75 million
2017: $15.2 million
2018: $11.4 million

Although this is a deal that makes Matthews the highest-paid linebacker in the league, it will probably look pretty reasonable in a few years. That is, if Matthews continues to play at a high level.

What’s interesting is the Packers are taking a relatively small cap hit this season when compared to the other years in the deal. Obviously, one of the considerations the Packers made with this deal is Aaron Rodgers‘ deal.

A large portion of what remains of the Packers’ available salary cap space (around $15 million) will end up with Rodgers.