A.J. Hawk

Let’s face it. A.J. Hawk probably didn’t attend too many math classes. He went to Ohio State, after all. So Hawk thinks his Green Bay Packers teammate Aaron Rodgers is going to get a billion dollars whenever he signs his new contract.

“Let’s be honest, all of us minions have nothing that we can offer Aaron that would even come close to anything that he would get,” Hawk told the NFL Network.

“He deserves every dime he’s going to get. He’s going to get a billion dollars, probably, so I’m OK with anything they want to give him, because he’s one of the best in the world and he deserves everything.”

Alright, so he’s exaggerating, but here’s what amuses us.

Hawk took a fairly substantial pay cut this offseason. Obviously, some of that money that was freed up is going to be used to pay Rodgers (and Clay Matthews, who’s also getting an extension).

Even though he went to Ohio State, that fact probably isn’t lost on Hawk. Hence, we imagine, the minion comment.