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9. 1957

Paul Hornung

Lisle Blackbourn didn’t do much right as Packers coach and general manager, but at least he didn’t screw up when he had two first-round picks in 1957.

Those dual picks turned into Paul Hornung and Ron Kramer.

Hornung, of course, would go on to a Hall of Fame career as a halfback. During his nine-year Packers career, Hornung would make two Pro Bowls, earn two first-team All Pro nods and lead the league in scoring three times, including 1960 when he put up 176 points.

Kramer, who Hall of Fame linebacker Dave Robinson once called the toughest tight end he ever faced, played seven seasons with the Packers before getting traded to Detroit. Had he not finished his career with the Lions, we’d probably be calling Kramer a Hall of Famer as well. Kramer had more than 500 yards receiving in four of his seven seasons with the Packers, which, in the 1960s was a ton for a tight end.

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