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Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour

Yeah, he’s far removed from the often-dominate player he was with the Patriots, but at 33 we’re pretty sure Richard Seymour probably has a little gas left in the tank.

He played just eight games for the Raiders last season, but still turned in three sacks. He’s 6-6 and 317, which is the prototype for what the Packers want at defensive end.

Would you take six sacks in 2013 from Seymour? I think so.

And don’t tell me opposing offenses wouldn’t game plan for the Packers defensive line for the first time since it included Reggie White.

Even if Seymour is just a situational pass rusher, he’s worth a look.

Seymour, Raji and Neal on passing downs? With Clay Matthews and Nick Perry or Dezman Moses coming from the outside? Tell me, who are you double teaming?

Before your panties get too wet about that scenario, there’s a problem. Seymour reportedly wants big money and we all know Ted’s butthole puckers up real tight when anyone asks him to take out his wallet.

He’s the guy who conveniently has to go to the bathroom just before the check arrives.

Still, the longer Seymour remains unsigned, the lower his price will go. This is the type of move that says we’re competing this year. It would take some balls. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure the organization is currently staffed by eunuchs.

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