Brett Favre credit card

Sure, you can get yourself a Green Bay Packers credit card, but why would you want to do that when you can have a Brett Favre credit card!? That’s right. Everyone’s favorite quarterback now has his own credit card.

Or, actually, it’s a prepaid debit card.


This beaut has an artists’ rendering of old Favrelous in his Packers duds and some sort of Favre signature on it. To be clear, this is not an NFL licensed card and, unfortunately, Favre is not involved with it. So if you had an overwhelming desire to donate some money to his retirement fund, you’re SOL… although I’m sure he accepts checks.

My immediate question upon hearing about this bad boy was, is there a Minnesota Vikings version? Because, you know, Favre was the Vikings greatest quarterback ever.

Sadly, there is not. I was told that’s a future possibility though, so maybe you’ll want to wait for that version.

We’d really love to see someone buying porn with this thing. Or maybe using it at a massage parlor.

Any takers?